Our Best

As we see throughout the Bible, God’s people fail Him nearly every time. The people written about in Holy Scripture are not the greatest, most righteous people ever born. They are weak and sinful, not unlike all of us. But the stories found in God’s Word show us one important fact: It is God who … Continue reading Our Best

“Rice” Is Not Rice

Louisiana State Sen. Francis Thompson, chairman of the state Senate agriculture committee, said he decided to push a bill to tackle rice labeling, as well as dairy and meat labeling, after meeting with farmer groups. He said he isn’t against cauliflower rice—in fact, he likes the taste—but said he wanted to make sure people weren’t … Continue reading “Rice” Is Not Rice

Eat Plants

Explaining the food lifestyle I follow is basically simple: “I don’t eat anything that had a face or a mother.”  My eating plan consists of plants – lots of them and in a huge variety. Leafy greens, fruit, beans, legumes, and seeds.  On April 1st, I made a commitment to really focus on eating a … Continue reading Eat Plants