Luther’s 95 Theses.

  Throughout the 95 Theses, Luther seeks to balance the role of the Church with the truth of the Gospel. Even as he desired to support the pope and his role in the Church, the false teaching of indulgences and the pope’s unwillingness to freely forgive the sins of all repentant Christians compelled him to … Continue reading Luther’s 95 Theses.

Six Attitudes That Kill Evangelism in the Church: Thom Rainer

The decline in evangelism in our churches comes down to just a few key issues. Too many believers see evangelism as the responsibility of someone else. Closely related to that issue is the matter of blame. It’s the pastor’s fault. It’s the church members’ fault. It’s the denomination’s fault. I have seen churches make dramatic … Continue reading Six Attitudes That Kill Evangelism in the Church: Thom Rainer

Remembering Who We Are

The past couple of days have been gloomy. Cloudy, showery, just plain ick. When the weather on Mondays is ugly, it tends to limit my oomph to do anything. Instead, the gloominess of the morning without the sun makes me dwell on the worries in my heart. More importantly, since Monday is my technical day off, … Continue reading Remembering Who We Are

Keep Our Ears Open to God

The Pope also underscored that there are many competing “voices” in the world, vying for our attention, but not all of them deserve our attention and some may even be harmful. “If we don’t listen to the Lord’s voice,” he said, “we end up listening to other voices. Or sometimes we just shut our ears … Continue reading Keep Our Ears Open to God