A Hit Today

Portals of Prayer have been hit or miss with me for a few years now.

One day, the writer reminds me why this little devotional is a perfect spiritual “pick me up.” The next day, I scratch my bald head wondering why in the world this writer is lecturing me on a theological topic.

I believe daily devotionals should offer some kind of uplifting message each day. Whether we read it in the morning or evening or at the bus stop or in the Uber, they need to play the role of reminding us of the importance of living a life of discipleship and hope. Last week, there was a “devotional writing” in the Portals about Holy Communion. Granted, it was fine, but why would anyone want to spend their devotion time reading about the theological underpinnings of The Lord’s Supper.

It made me feel … nothing.

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My inability to write regularly has been a personal issue I’ve struggled with over the past couple of years. Whether it is just working too much or worrying about issues impacting me or others, my writing has taken a backseat. While the writing nudge nags me every now and then, I’ve just ignored it and worked on other things. Continue reading Writing.

Pastor Uber

This afternoon I am driving a member of my church to the dentist. Though not part of my seminary training, driving people to the dentist or to a doctor’s appointment or even to the post office is something I gladly do. These Uber-like parts of my pastoral schedule provide me with quiet time with a … Continue reading Pastor Uber