When Not to Panic…

I have too much on my work calendar today. Meeting at church at 8:30 AM NJ District Circuit Forum at 10 AM Bible Study class at 12:00 PM Counseling session at 2:30 PM Visitation at 3:30 PM Counseling session at 5:00 PM Church Vision Meeting at 6:30 PM I am going to have to find … Continue reading When Not to Panic…

MacBook Pro.

In the middle of 2013, I bought a MacBook Air from Apple.

From the first time I lifted its lid, I fell in love with this fantastic laptop. It was fast, had everything I needed to get through my workday, and was super light. By far, it was the best laptop I ever owned.

I remember the time when the late Steve Jobs introduced the MacBook Air by pulling it out of a yellow manila envelope. The Air was thin and light and small enough not to require a lot of table space in Starbucks.

Sadly, all good tech things reach the end of their shelf life, or at least in my case, the battery stopped working correctly. The Air would charge, but it wasn’t able to hold a charge long enough for me to use it without it being near a plug. I shed no tears, but my heart was hurt.

I knew this day would come. I planned for it, saving money to upgrade to the next best thing that would allow for another four or five years worth of productivity and fun. Initially, the Google Pixelbook caught my eye – it looks like a fantastic product with its thinness and screen that flips around, that pen you can use to write on the screen, and an amazing amount of RAM and hard drive space would make this a great longterm computer option for me.

But …

My digital life is in Apple products. I thought about it last night:

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I don’t mention it much, but I like sunflowers. They are a beautiful creation from God and they make me smile. But I don’t mention that I like sunflowers much at all. However, over the past 24 hours, the topic of sunflowers came into my universe four times. First: Yesterday, in an email I sent … Continue reading Sunflowers.