Focusing on Life

From the time I was sick back in 2011, I’ve been a relatively good follower of a whole foods, plant-based diet. “Relatively good” is a qualifier term meaning there were times when I fell off the wagon and ate fatty, non-animal things that were not healthy. For example, those amazing burgers made by Beyond Meat … Continue reading Focusing on Life

A Living Hope

This morning, I spoke with a leader at St. Matthew’s about our future. He talked about his frustration with a perceived lack of progress regarding the future of the congregation now that we’ve made the decision to sell our property and become a new mission church. Since we took the step in early June, not … Continue reading A Living Hope

New Hope, Day One

No one at St. Matthew’s in New Milford, NJ has ever gone through the process of starting a new church. The challenges, the fears, the “where are we going to worship” questions have never been a part of the everyday Christian life of any of the congregants of our 123 year old church in northern … Continue reading New Hope, Day One


Anger and hatred. There is way too much of it in our world. Politics. Family. You name it. Anger and hatred are tearing apart our lives. But there is a way to change it, to make life better. It’s all about living Life to the fullest. This Sunday, our new sermon series begins. What does … Continue reading Life