My inability to write regularly has been a personal issue I’ve struggled with over the past couple of years. Whether it is just working too much or worrying about issues impacting me or others, my writing has taken a backseat. While the writing nudge nags me every now and then, I’ve just ignored it and worked on other things. Continue reading Writing.

Don’t Mock Mike Pence For Protecting His Marriage

Yes, men and women are sexually attracted to each other, and alcohol lowers inhibitions. And yes, that’s true even when dealing with friends or workplace relationships, because that’s how sex works. Good on Mike Pence for acknowledging these truths and knowing his limits. All married couples should develop their own guidelines to protect their marriages … Continue reading Don’t Mock Mike Pence For Protecting His Marriage


I love “Fearless” by Jasmine Murray. Warms my soul every time I listen to it. I wake up I feel it Those fears are back again Can’t shake them Can’t make them Ever fade Ever end Am I good enough Do I measure up Feels like a war I can’t win But I wasn’t given the … Continue reading Fearless

Remembering Who We Are

The past couple of days have been gloomy. Cloudy, showery, just plain ick. When the weather on Mondays is ugly, it tends to limit my oomph to do anything. Instead, the gloominess of the morning without the sun makes me dwell on the worries in my heart. More importantly, since Monday is my technical day off, … Continue reading Remembering Who We Are