This is just a short excerpt for the about page.

Last year’s presidential campaign got me thinking about the state of journalism. I harkened back to my days as a reporter, or as some politicians who hated me called me, “a yellow journalist,” and most of them who crossed my path held that belief. Granted, my journalism life wasn’t long as my life in the pastoral ministry. Yet I still harken back to my college days when one of my professors continuously harped upon his young padawans that the lede sentence was incredibly important, but it was what came after the lede that told the story.

After the Lede is my online journal focusing on my life in service to God’s people. I will write posts dealing with issues that tickle my fancy. Additionally, I will post links to important (or what I think are important) news, information, and faith articles. I want to focus on the meaning of life and faith. I want to write about those things that drive me to think, ponder, and pray. There will be vegan recipes and stories since I am a vegan, or as my doctor suggested I say, “I follow a low-fat, whole food, plant-based diet.” She says that I can’t say I’m a vegan if I wear Nikes.

There will be times when I challenge the conventions of the faith life, tackling issues like repentance and forgiveness that will cause some to get angry. I will write about the state of the LCMS that will cause my brothers in the clergy to not be happy with me. I will promote the good things we’re doing here in the New Jersey District of the LCMS. I want to write about the state of worship in the church as a whole and in my congregation. Heck, I may even write about why I am now wearing jeans exclusively on pastoral visitations and in worship. And there will be times I post my Sunday sermon audio.

Overall, I want this place to be me.

The grammar will not be perfect, but I’ll strive to make it as correct as possible. My opinions will not be universally accepted, and I wouldn’t want them to be. And I will sometimes not post for days at a time since the pastoral life can get in the way of a good story. Any photos I post will be my own or those I own the right to post. You can be sure that if the picture is a little off center, that’s the one I snapped.

I am followable on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. My Twitter is mostly religious, but sometimes a little odd and political. My Facebook is filled with funny, and not so religious, posts. And Instagram – if I ever post a new photo, it would be a miracle. But there was that Ash Wednesday Stanley Cup picture…


I didn’t get to use the Stanley Cup as a communion chalice, though I think that would have been very cool.

After the Lede is about what happens after we confess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.