Headphones for $550

I took a break around 11:30 to have lunch – a cup of Spicy Red Lentil Soup, the recipe from Forks Over Knives, some kale and broccoli on the side, and a cup of Oatly low-fat oat milk. Flipping on my Apple TV, I opened up the Newsmax app and watched the newscast for a few minutes. 

They reported that Apple introduced new headphones today that cost $549, and they don’t come with a plug to charge them. To get a plug, it will cost you another $20. 

Just imagine that for a minute – $570 for a pair of headphones. Oh, they will probably be the best headphones you ever placed on your head, but come on—$ 570. And Apple will sell untold amounts of them.

All of which raises a question in my mind: If we can find the cash to spend $570 for headphones, don’t you think we could scrounge up a couple of bucks to help the hungry this Christmas? 

Pantries, like ours at St. Matthew’s, are being overwhelmed with requests for help. Food banks can barely keep up with the demand. People are losing their jobs and businesses. The needs of our neighbors are only going to increase in the coming weeks and months. 

But Apple doesn’t blink as they charge $570 for headphones and a charging plug.

Look. I am an Apple guy. I’m in the Apple universe, from their iPhone to iPad to iMac mini to the Apple Pencil. Over the years, Apple products; prices have made me wince ($130 for a stylus to write on the iPad screen, $350 for an iPad keyboard), but this headphone announcement has me wondering if Apple CEO, billionaire Tim Cook, has a clue that people are hurting. Heck, maybe Cook can donate the cost of one pair of headphones to a local food bank.  At least then a few families will have something eat this Christmas.

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