Liking Sports is Good

“All I said to my wife is that our son, Aaron, likes baseball and Aaron Judge. I didn’t know I was starting a war in our house.”

I gave a sideways glance at the guy standing online near me at Walmart. He was talking on his phone rather loudly. He saw me as I turned my head back around.

“My wife and I are fighting over our son’s favorite sport. She thinks I’m forcing him to love baseball since I love it. She called it ‘perpetuating a male stereotype that boys have to like sports.’”

If the kid likes baseball, he likes baseball. And I bet he likes Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees because he hits homers and has the same name.

Dad said, “Yeah.”

I know a lot women and girls who love baseball and even Aaron Judge. And just like their male counterparts in loving baseball, they admire Jacob deGrom of the Mets and Mike Trout of the Angels and Francisco Lindor of the Indians. Baseball is loved by millions, though the numbers who say that they are baseball fans is dropping.

According to the dad, his son also loves the New Jersey Devils and wears a nameless Devils’ sweater (a jersey) around the house. The kid likes sports. Good.

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