Tonight’s Vision Team Meeting @ St. Matthew’s

Tonight our evangelism team here at St. Matthew’s meets to discuss the future.

What do we want to do for the rest of year to show Jesus to people?

How are we going to tackle the challenges facing a small congregation in Bergen County while putting Jesus at the forefront?

Are we going to make some series changes to how we outreach and teach and worship, all of which can alienate some people at church, but make the church more open to others?

How are we going to bring Jesus to people to show them how He changes the world?

Personally, I believe we are at a very unique time in our church’s 120+ year history to challenge ourselves as Christians to make changes in order to express the Word in more vibrant and exciting ways. Our lives at St. Matthew’s shouldn’t be dictated by how we’ve always done things or directed by our comfort zones.

We need to challenge ourselves to be different. We need to be Christ to those in need.

And tonight, we need to commit to showing our faith in our lives and reaching those who need the wholeness that comes through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

I made a challenge last Sunday to look at the Reformation not as a day, but as a starting point of revival, both spiritually for each of personally but equally to those in and out of our community that are not being fed by the Bread of Life regularly. It came down to three points:

  1. Reaching 500 people personally with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The number ‘500’ doesn’t sound so daunting. It is a challenge that can be met by our congregation fairly quickly. But what about taking up this challenge individually? The task seems more mountainous, doesn’t it? If we challenge each of our members to reach out with the Gospel, we don’t stop when the church as a whole reaches 500, but we continue to do so each day of the next year to strive to touch others with Jesus Christ. We’ll pray for people. We’ll invite them to church. We’ll show them Christ’s love. 500 is a good number for the church, but an even better number for each of us individually.
  2. Adding 50 people to our worship attendance. I know, I know – adding 50 people seems very unreachable. But why is it NOT reachable? The only thing stopping us from adding people to our worship community is fear. We see a big number and shake our heads, saying that it is not possible. But what is impossible with God? NOTHING! And it all starts with one.
  3. Establishing 5 new ministries over the course of the next year. These ministries don’t have to be completely new – we have a number of ministry areas at St. Matthew’s that have been dormant for a while. Why can’t we electrify these ministries with a new focus and rebuild them?


Tonight we meet at 6:30 PM to begin the revival. I look forward to seeing you at 225 Center Street in New Milford. See you later!

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