Late last week, I was talking with someone about their inability to focus on what is important. My suggestion to them was to take a day to really think about those important things in life that need attention, namely family, home life, faith, and work. From his new-found focus, he could then address the other issues in his life while standing on a firm foundation.

And then this morning I realized that I should start listening to my own advice.

My life is lacking focus, both personal and professional. There are more times where I want to tackle issues using the least amount of energy and drive, essentially “mailing it in” when things get tough. When I get this way, I tend to bog myself down in the tiny issues and fail to see the big ones staring right at me daily. My personal and professional foundation is built on sand instead of solid ground.

So, if I am going to give others advice on re-focusing their lives, I must do the same.

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