The Sermon is Not Getting Written This Morning.

My sermon is not getting written this morning.

It’s not that I don’t have a sermon theme or a structure of what I want to preach about this weekend. We are in the middle of a sermon series entitled, “The Reformation Life.” Weeks ago I finalized themes and prospective outlines. It shouldn’t be that difficult to sit down and write.

However, two texts came in that have knocked me off my focus.

Text 1: “Hey, you getting the new iPhone?”

Text 2: “Why are you hating on rainbow bagels?” 

The answer to the first text: No, I’m not getting the new iPhone or the soon-to-be-released-newer iPhone. I have the 7. It works great. No need to upgrade to the 8 since there really isn’t a major feature upgrade that is needed. Sorry, the whole “wireless charging” thing is not important. As long as my Apple Watch works with it, I’m happy. And the iPhone X? I’m not spending a thousand bucks for a phone I have to unlock with my face.

The answer to the second text: Rainbow bagels are weird. Plus, I’m not a fan of food dyes in my bagels. Poppy seed, sesame seed, and maybe a rye bagel. Those are my favorites.

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