I don’t mention it much, but I like sunflowers.

They are a beautiful creation from God and they make me smile.

But I don’t mention that I like sunflowers much at all. However, over the past 24 hours, the topic of sunflowers came into my universe four times.

First: Yesterday, in an email I sent to someone who was going to join us for worship this Sunday, I mentioned that I would be paying penance, of sorts, for canceling on her by putting sunflowers on the altar in her and her organization’s name. I still invited her to church.

Second: A kid at Valley Hospital was standing holding a vase of sunflowers for his grandmother. I told the youngster that I love sunflowers. He said that his grandma did, too.

Third: Last night while watching the news, in a report about a crime at a house in New Jersey, the reporter was framed in the front yard and behind her were really tall sunflowers. I was surprised to see them still standing after the blast of really cold weather this week.

Fourth: This morning, while out walking, a woman walking her little dog was carrying some sunflowers. I mentioned to her that they were beautiful and were my favorite. She said that they were for her daughter who just gave birth to her first child, a child that is her tenth grandchild. And sunflowers are her daughter’s favorite.

This weekend, we’re having sunflowers at worship. I hope they bring a smile to you, as they will to me.

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