Christian Standard Bible, Apple Watch Activity Rings, and Anthrax: Morning Coffee

As I was pedaling away on the stationary bike this morning, my mind was racing, thoughts cascading into one another pushing my brain to act like I needed medication to calm the firing synapses down.

  1. Some people I know have birthdays this week. In fact, a lot of them. I sent doughnuts to one person, even though doughnuts aren’t his thing, but his wife and sons love them. To another I sent a toaster; this story is long and requires me to write without breaking out into a fit of laughter, of which I cannot right at this moment. Others, I sent cards, and to a few, I’ll give them a call. Then last night, I found out someone else I know also has a birthday this week, in fact, it was yesterday. Happy birthday to everyone!
  2. If I finally give up the DirecTV ghost and cut the cord, I’m going to lose a lot of New York sports channels, that is until the owners of MSG Network get off their collective duffs and offer them via Playstation Vue or DirecTV Now or Hulu Live or some other internet-based TV offering. But if I end my reliance for TV entertainment on DTV, I will save about fifty to sixty dollars a month. Six hundred bucks a year in savings sounds pretty good.
  3. My schedule today is not very crazy, but I will end up making it crazy because, well, that is what I do. I have a visit to Woodcliff Lake this morning and a meeting at church this afternoon. Sometime this evening, I have a counseling meeting with someone via Skype. I would rather the counseling session via Facetime, but the person hates Apple and loves their Google phone. I have a feeling that I will mess up my day and make it crazy. It is guaranteed just like Pekka Rinne making incredible saves for the Nashville Predators in net.
  4. This weekend’s Choral Eucharist Sunday worship service is ready. It should be a good one. I was thinking of playing contemporary Christian music before church while announcements are scrolling on the screen.
  5. But it is my sermon for this weekend that is concerning me. The Choral Eucharist is a unique service, this year looking at two musical legends in the church. I need to preach on something that ties into this theme. Maybe I could start my sermon out with bits of songs that I have loved in the past from artists and bands like Anthrax, U2, Carrie Underwood, and AC/DC? Just imagine for a moment – “Highway to Hell” being played during a sermon in an LCMS church … I don’t know what I am going to do yet. It’s too early in the week.
  6. I am getting to like the Christian Standard Bible translation. Overall, it is an easy-to-read Bible translation that is fairly literal to the original texts. There are times that the English Standard Version gets a little clunky when reading in church. When I’m doing the reading, I sometimes fix the clunkiness as I read. The CSB is a good translation, but like other translations, they have some hang ups (in Greek, the word for brothers means BROTHERS, not “brothers and sisters” as they render it). I find the CSB more readable than the ESV.
  7. It’s still raining (at around 6:40 am when I thought about it).
  8. I have to fill my rings on my Apple Watch today. Nothing is going to stop me. I need to fill my rings on my Apple Watch today. Nothing is going to stop me. I need to fill in my rings on my Apple Watch today …


  1. Apple Rings


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