Keep Our Ears Open to God

The Pope also underscored that there are many competing “voices” in the world, vying for our attention, but not all of them deserve our attention and some may even be harmful.

“If we don’t listen to the Lord’s voice,” he said, “we end up listening to other voices. Or sometimes we just shut our ears altogether and we become deaf, deaf to the word of God.”

If we are honest, Francis continued, and we look into our own hearts, we will see “how many times we have closed our ears and how many times we have become deaf.”

And when a Christian community closes its ears and becomes deaf to the word of God, he repeated, “it looks for other voices, other lords and finishes with idols, the idols of the world, of mundanity.”

Taken from Breitbart, “Pope Francis Warns Faithful Not To Become Catholic Atheists.”

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